I can’t even begin to express the amount of work that has gone into making the dress, making the video and editing it. The whole video is not at all scripted so you can catch me mumbling in some places and saying OMG a lot. The shoot was delayed for so long and even during the shoot, the weather was so humid and my hair was a mess. But, my customer Rosh was looking absolutely beautiful so I had no problem with my hair being a mess, if Rosh was happy I was happy!!

Even though it was a lot of work, I loved every bit of it. Running around to get the right fabric, getting the outfit done to editing the video, it was so much fun.

The whole design process was a little difficult for me because I do love colours and I wanted to do something with bright colours, but I wanted to please Rosh as well. Finally, after sketching a dozen designs with prints and colours, I decided I’ll do an LBD because Rosh spoke about black with so much passion and I wanted to give her something she would absolutely love. I wanted to do something which I absolutely love as well and that is crochet. So, I did a grey crochet dress, a mix between tailored and sheath silhouette. I kept it simple because Rosh’s personality is simple yet something so charismatic about her and I wanted that to be shown in the dress.

I concentrated on the fit and clean cuts for the LBD and for the grey crochet dress I wanted the sleeve length to be perfect and the neckline to give an elegant look.

Overall I wanted to give a beautiful dress that represents her style, personality and I was over the moon when she said all the things I had imagined she would say!! So go ahead and watch the reveal of the dresses and see what Rosh had to say.

Thank you so much Roshni for giving life to my designs. You look gorgeous as always.


Love Suma