A lot of hard work has gone into making these designs, firstly because I was down with cold and fever and it was a difficult task to fabric source and design when all I wanted to do was sleep. Secondly, I had only 5 days time to create these designs. Even though it was hectic I loved every bit of it. My really close friend Neethi was getting married and was leaving to her hometown in one week’s time, so I had to complete everything before she left.

I know Neethi really well; we have been friends for almost 7 years now. Her style is more of a mixture between feminine and sporty. I really wanted to do a dress for her but if I know Neethi and I do, she would not have worn it a lot. I wanted to give her something that she would wear often and something she would love and something that would make her feel great.  I saw the green fabric and immediately knew it would look great on her and decided to do a jumpsuit. I wanted to give her a simple feminine top and I had promised her I would do a blouse for her when I started college so promise fulfilled.

For the jumpsuit, I chose the same colour from head-to-toe which creates one vertical line of colour and thus causes the illusion of height and I also concentrated more on the neckline on the front and cut-out on the back. For the top, I kept it simple but gave it layers on the front to give it a feminine look and for the blouse, I used gold crochet, which is my favourite and again concentrated only on the neckline and shoulders.

I loved the colour and the print on this and kept it quite simple.

The whole process was so much fun, especially because Neethi is such a shy person in front the camera, it’s a miracle that I’ve got enough footage for a video. Go ahead and watch the video to see Neethi’s reaction.

I absolutely Love You Neethi and you look so beautiful. Thank you for being my customer!!

Hope you guys liked the post, watch out for my third customer.


Thank you