Hellooo!! I’m Suma Narayanappa, a fashion designer graduated from Vogue Institue Of Fashion Technology. I’m also a writer, an excellent photo editor, a photographer (when in the mood), a skateboarder (not a pro though), an avid reader (my favourite authors- here are some-Cheryl Strayed, Rainbow Rowell, J.K Rowling, Frances Hodgson Burnett and the list goes on), a cook (I’d like to think a good one). Well, I could just go on, but Imma gonna stop now.

To be honest, I started this project a year back but things didn’t work out as I planned. But, I’m not quitting, I’m gonna pull my socks up and finish this project. So, follow me through this journey, encourage me, comment, advise, like, show some love and I’ll shower that love right back at you.

Thanks everyone!!