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Fashion Illustration: Paris Haute Couture 2017

If you follow fashion week then you know Paris Haute Couture 2017 just passed by and famous designers all around the world showcased their Fall collections on July 02 to 06th. It was a week to marvel at the work… Continue Reading →

Plaid shirts- Don’t wear em, tie em!!

I have been lusting over Grunge and Gothic style all my life, but never really thought I could carry it off. To be honest, before I started this blog I never thought I could carry off anything other than jeans… Continue Reading →

Fashion Illustration- Spring 2017

New York Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2017 is happening from February 09 to 17th and there is only two more days left. I thought this is the right time to honor my favorites from last year’s Spring collection. The one below… Continue Reading →

DIY- Make it, Style it, Rock it -Kimono Shrug

Do you ever get an urge to buy something and can’t think of anything else until you’ve bought it? Well, I do and this time, it was a Kimono shrug. So, I did what everyone would do, go online shopping, only… Continue Reading →

Cozy up!!

It’s the month of love, magic and happiness. Winter has always been my favourite season for many reasons, Christmas being one of them. When I was small I used to love Christmas holidays, mostly because my dad would bring home… Continue Reading →

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