It’s the month of love, magic and happiness.

Winter has always been my favourite season for many reasons, Christmas being one of them. When I was small I used to love Christmas holidays, mostly because my dad would bring home small Santa and reindeer-shaped chocolates, plum cakes, and sweets. I used to love sitting in front of the TV wearing a loose sweater, watching cartoon network, which played nice movies back in my childhood days like How the Grinch Stole Christmas, Tom & Jerry’s Christmas Adventures and more, eating away all the chocolates (Cartoon network is horrible now).

December always reminds me of those Santa-shaped chocolates my dad would get, those brown yummy chocolates. Hence, I chose a brown baggy sweater for today’s post which features styling a simple sweater in four different ways just by changing shoes, hairstyle, and accessories. So go ahead and check out the looks I have put together.

Printed stole, sweater, and boots scream winter like nothing else, hence my first look. I absolutely love this printed stole, I bought it ages ago, but I still love using it.

Staying warm and adding a little bit of elegance, style your baggy sweater with a statement necklace, pumps, and a clutch to go from snuggling up on the couch to a lunch date in minutes.

The classic peek of the white collar look, I added a contrast statement necklace and pumps to give the look some colour.


I-Don’t-Care look; tied up my baggy sweater on the sides (show a little skin if you like), I added a fringed black bag and of course, shades.

I hope you liked the looks I have put up, I had lots of fun. My friend Kavya clicked all the above photos on my Samsung galaxy S6, we were experimenting to see if the photos will come out nice, thank you so much Kavya for giving me some amazing clicks.

Thank you for checking out the post.

See you next time.


Love Suma